We R The Chrch

"WE R THE CHRCH" exists to awaken christians that the church does not exist within segregated, man-made buildings, but rather in us, the  unified body of Christ. We desire to break down the crumbling walls of religion and build united neighboring churches of different races, religions, and socioeconomic classes, on Gospel center relationships through worship & prayer. We seek revival for the greater church by which we serve and the communities by which we live.

We, the people, "R the CHRCH."




"WE R THE CHRCH" is an awakening that has been in progress since 2013. Back in October of 2013, The Lord laid on the heart of an ordinary person, empowered by an extraordinary Gospel, to see revival in the city of Indianapolis. Unsure where to begin or how to accomplish this, the Lord gave direction that to see revival in the city, the church first had to come together in unity around the Gospel of Jesus, rather than be divided by man made ideas and the growth of members.

Realizing the need to unite churches together, the Lord revealed that the most simple and powerful way to accomplish this was to bring the members of different churches together to worship. It is in this worship, that the individual members of the different churches see the greatness of our savior, Lord Jesus Christ, and the brokenness of their lives and the lives of those other brothers and sisters around them. Worship thus helps break down pride and individuality among churches and opens the door to love and unity among the many different brothers and sisters in the greater church, the church of Jesus Christ.

So in 2013, with the simple vision and direction from the Lord to seek revival in the city of Indianapolis through the uniting of the church through worship, a group of brothers and sisters began meeting in the living rooms of different homes in Indianapolis to participate in "house worship." Once a month, three talented musicians from different churches would gather to lead many different brothers and sisters in a time of worship, fellowship, and prayer.

As each monthly house worship rolled to the next, the Lord's blessing continually fell on the brothers and sisters as they saw unity being built among the many different churches represented, passion being sparked for revival in the communities of Indianapolis, and numbers added to the monthly worship gathering. Through the years as they saw the gathering grow from 18, to 30, to 40, to 50, to 70, it became harder and harder to find living rooms that could fit all the different brothers and sisters from all the different churches in the City. News spread so far that people even drove down from Warsaw, Greenwood, and Brownsburg to participate and join together.

Fast forward to today, and the Lord's blessings continue to fall upon the movement for revival in the city. We have now seen the hearts not only of the members of these churches be moved to unity, but also the pastors and church leaders within these churches. We see a community of Gospel centered churches realizing the need for revival in the city of Indianapolis more than the increasing of their member numbers or financial givings.

Today, "WE R THE CHRCH" is NOT an event or movement by which exists to draw people from other cities, states, or countries for a feel good, pick me up, social gathering of believers. Rather we work to be a community of local churches; connecting and uniting Gospel centered neighboring churches to help build up the local communities. We work to decrease distance, increase impact, and revive the region by which our members reside. 


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